“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”


Tiefling sorceress. Fond of things that are sharp, she has a sickle, two daggers, and an ornate dagger that is her focus. Her Devil’s Tongue variant allows her to deal psychic damage through insults.
AC (with Mage armor) – 14
HP- 15
Hit dice 2d6
Strength- 8
Dexterity- 12
Constitution- 15
Intelligence- 11
Wisdom- 13
Charisma- 16
Initiative- +1
Perception- +1
Knows Common and infernal.
Prof in daggers, darts, slings, quarter staffs, and light crossbows.

Thief tools
Playing cards
Trinket: A blank book whose pages refuse to hold marks
1 Potion of healing
GP- 43
A lifetime of guilt for low key getting her friend kidnapped

Personality Traits:
-Would rather make friends than enemies
-The best way to make her do something is to tell her she can’t

-Loyal to friends, not ideals
-Freedom above all else

Something important was stolen and she wants to get it back

-Has a “tell”


Eres is a charismatic character but, on the off chance she doesn’t get what she wants via persuading, lying, or intimidating, she doesn’t mind doing things the hard way either. With her arcane focus, she can unleash destruction onto her enemies. However, it wasn’t always her focus. Aware that her rivals were getting a customized focus that was far above her pay grade, she decided to blackmail the person making the focus so that she could easily “steal” it from the shop the night it was finished. Word got out, as it always does, and Eres was caught off guard when her enemies chose a different target to place their revenge on.

Having little in the way of family, Eres cares greatly for those she calls her friends. So it’s no surprise that when her friend is kidnapped by some rival criminals, she springs into action. She uses her criminal connections to get a lead that takes her to the City of Horns. On the way, she meats Balasar and Adventure. The trip is uneventful, but she checks out the captain’s quarters before she disembarks. On her third try, she picks the lock of a box beside the bed, but is caught by the captain. She is caught off guard and lies badly, but the captain does not catch on and actually gives her a reward of one gold for not stealing the gold in the box.

Once off the ship she makes her way to the Silver Lion, a bar her contact told her about. She needs to meet a human who might have information about her kidnapped friend. The human she was looking for wasn’t there, so she bought an overpriced mug of mead and listened to the people around he for any information she could get. Two people in a corner were discussing a reward for dire wolves and she sets off to the town’s manor to talk to the Earl to learn more. She sees Balasar on the way and asks if he wants to join her. He doesn’t say anything, but follows anyway. Adventure finds the two of them and joins as well. They have a semi-tense meeting with the Earl and his wife before setting off to slay dire wolves.

It’s getting dark, but hey press on and it doesn’t take long for the group to realize that there are dire wolves around them. One moves in front of Balasar and Adventure while the other moves behind Eres. Balasar and Adventure have some difficulty dealing with their wolf while Eres finishes hers off with witch bolt without getting even a scratch. The other wolf, ticked that Eres killed its friend, dives pass the other two and blindsides Eres, knocking her out. Adventure and Balasar finish up the wolf and Balasar uses Lay on Hands to save Eres. Balasar carries Eres back to the town while Adventure carries the wolf head. The group goes to the local inn and calls it a night.


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